Virtual Finance Director for growing businesses that lets you do what you’re best at.

Running Your Business.

Virtual Finance Director for growing businesses that lets you do what you’re best at.

Running Your Business.

Most business owners start their businesses because they are passionate about providing an excellent service or have a desire to supply the best product in their field. You know your strengths and you recognise what you’re good at.

You have probably already identified some areas where it makes sense to call in the help of experts. Administrative tasks are easily outsourced to virtual assistants, book keepers or accountants. But while these services reduce your to do list, they don’t add much to the value of your business, or support your strategic decision making.

Virtual Finance Director services from an experienced Finance Director can be invaluable in leading your business forward.

Lual Consulting provides businesses with years of strategic financial experience, without the commitment of a full-time hire.

We work with clients on a range of projects; setting up processes and procedures, providing insight to help manage spend and cashflow, preparing budgets and management accounts, even building in-house accounts teams when our clients are ready to internalise resources.

Lual Consulting frees your time and headspace to do what you do best, knowing you have an expert at hand just when you need them.

Who can benefit from Lual Consulting’s Virtual Finance Director services?

We work with businesses of all sizes. We’re equally happy to get on board before your business is launched or when you’re ready to expand. Maybe you need us to just check in now and again or perhaps you want us to be part of the leadership team on a more regular basis. You decide.

Starting out?

You’ve setup your company and started trading, but what about the numbers? We can advise and set you up on the right app stack and software for your business finances, show you how to interpret the data and track to your business plan.

Need to reset?

Is your initial setup feeling a bit clunky? We can review your finance systems and take them to the next level. Maybe this is a onetime project or you’re considering ongoing support.

Ready to focus?

Consider Lual as your trusted colleague, helping you identify and evaluate business opportunities. Outsourcing to a Virtual Finance Director can free you up to focus on your business, safe in the knowledge that you have financial expertise on board to meet your goals.

Who is Lual Consulting?

Lual Consulting is based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire and run by Kirsty Martindale, a highly experienced Chartered Accountant with a passion for helping small businesses achieve their business goals.

Contact me today to discuss your own business needs. We can work out exactly what you need at this stage of your business’ life.

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